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We are a One-Stop Global FinTech Platform that provides business solutions to increase efficiency and profitability. We had developed a proprietary and fully integrated technology, with web and mobile access, with the flexibility to adapt to any business model, total or partially, and implement a unique solution, case by case.

With our multi-currency and multi-account structure, the Platform includes International and Domestic Bill Payments, International and Domestic Money Transfers, Mobile Top-Ups for 100+ Carriers Worldwide, Payments Processing Solutions, International and Domestic Card Programs, Financial Inclusion Plans, and Financial Management for any Business.

PAYLLIX has a unique Platform that can be integrate into any business technology.

Payment Processing

Payllix provides a real time reconciliation for deposits and disbursements to/from any external/internal agent of the business using cash, bank transfers, and/or card payments.

Card Programs

Payllix works with Program Managers to develop private label or co-branded programs, with AMEX, VISA or UnionPay acceptance.

Cash Management

Real time 24/7 cash management in any currency.


Payllix Platform has a set of API’s for our proprietary technology, that can be integrated to any business platform (networks operators, service providers, merchants, etc.) to add the stream of services, including interconnection with PSP and MVNOs.

Products and services include:

Card Programs

Customers can have a Mobile Wallet with a Credit Card with AMEX, VISA and/or UnionPay in one or more (20+) currencies of their choice.

Mobile Top-Ups

Customers have the ability to top-up their mobile accounts in 100+ of the leading carriers worldwide.

Bill Payments

10,000+ billers from USA, Mexico, India, Peru, Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and others.

Send Money

To any Bank worldwide, including the access to any ATM worldwide, to 140,000+ convenience stores worldwide, and to any other user of the Platform thru Cuallet.

Mobile apps
Kiosk apps
Merchant Services
Bill Payments

Business Solutions


A solution designed to manage the operating risk of having agents on the road without enough funds. The solution include an account associated to every agent, that allows them to receive the right amount of funds only, for unexpected expenses, anytime 365*7*24, with access to cash through any ATM worldwide. Any account might be activated/deactivated at any time, online/mobile. Transactions are automatically reported and the use of founds is begin controlled.


For those businesses that have unbanked/underbanked employees, and want and efficient and electronic payroll. Business can provide access to their employees to the payment network of every market, and employees have the benefit of creating a credit history based on transactions.

Financial Inclusion

A solution for Governments, Civil Groups and special purpose projects, that require a financial engine for the disbursement of funds; online and real time. Every recipient will have an account, without the requirement of a Bank account, with acceptance to the payment network worldwide, to receive their funds immediately, and without intermediaries. The use of funds can be controlled and supervised, and the end-beneficiary can have access to high-end financial services on their cell phones. The end users will create a credit history by transacting, and then be able to move on to better opportunities.

Travel and Travelers

A travel expense solution for Business and Families, to manage every travel expense, and financial and transaction risks. Customers receive as many International Cards as required, in any currency, with the alternative to have a Virtual Account to manage the Travel Founds between Plastics Cards.

Retail Agents

A low cost, fee-based, 24/7 solution, allowing Business to easy manage payments to contractors and commission-based employees. And for those employees that are unbanked, it provides a credit account with an International Card, with the benefit of building a credit history by transacting.

Domestic and International trade

Trade solutions for businesses to extend the alternatives for their customers/suppliers to make/receive payments in cash and electronically, through different networks of convenience stores and International Banks via our SWIFT membership. Every customer receives an International Card, in any of the available currencies, to do any transactions as needed.

Exchange Students, Volunteers and NGO´s

A solution to reduce the risk associated with time of money transfers, 365/24/7. In any of the available currencies, and with the ability to control expenses and card transactions. Customers receive International Cards that are controlled on the mobile app, with access to transfer funds between accounts/currencies, with transparent exchange rates and activation/deactivation of the accounts/cards. All the cards have access to any ATM worldwide.

Our Payllix Solutions have been successfully implemented in the following regions and countries:
  • North, Central and South America: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Costa Rica.
  • Europe: UK, Germany, Holland, Spain.
  • Middle East: Israel.
  • Asia: Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China.


Step 1

Knowing the problem. Detailed explanation of the situation/challenge. Time: 3 days.

Step 2

Payllix will provide a proposal, adapting the platform capabilities to the client’s requirements. Time: 3 days.

Step 3

Implementation. Either via API or direct interaction with current solutions. Time: from 5 days to 6 weeks, depending on the currents capabilities of the business.

Step 4

Going to market.

Tecnology and Licences

Our global, multicurrency, real time platform makes PAYLLIX a unique single window multi service solutions.

Our customers needs and values are our passion: expedite, flexible and custom made solutions, with a 24/7 service desk mentality.

We are direct members/licensees of SWIFT, AMEX, VISA and UnionPay.

Contact Us

Address: Ignacio Allende Poniente N° 355 Col. Centro C.P.6400, Monterrey. N.L.

Mobile Number: 01 855 460 5050